Is There Really a Shortage in Cloud Security Skills?

Is There Really a Shortage in Cloud Security Skills?

Is there a cloud security skills shortage? It depends on who you ask. Prior to the pandemic, the world was immersed in cloud technology – everyone, it seemed, had a migration strategy. Then the global lockdown happened. We collectively added a layer of priority to the cloud as tens of millions of people started to rely on it for work and communications in ways we hadn’t before.

Cloud is a highly complex and continually evolving set of technologies and protocols. Finding team members with the right background is a challenge, making it seem like there’s a substantial shortage of skilled and certified professionals. But these same professionals might tell you no one is hiring. The ones looking for work may find that, despite their years of experience and education, they never seem to be an exact fit. Meanwhile, many hiring managers are stymied by limited budgets and the challenges of navigating the outside talent pool.

The Problem of Focus

One source of the concern may be traced back to cybersecurity professionals deciding to focus on a specific set of knowledge issues. Those making this choice may think that being a specialist requires highly concentrated and focused expertise and experience. However, many organizations favor candidates with broad knowledge, seeking to do more with fewer employees to cut costs.

Senior management and boards of directors are put in place to ensure the ongoing vitality of their organizations. Hiring a large team of high-paid tech specialists can appear excessive and unnecessary to them, especially when similar staffing requests are being made by other departments.

The fact is, most boards spend too little time listen ..

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