Is macOS as secure as its users think? | Kaspersky official blog

Is macOS as secure as its users think? | Kaspersky official blog

Many Apple users believe the macOS operating system is so secure that no cyberthreats can harm them, so they don’t need to worry about protecting their devices. However, this is far from the case: while there is less malware for macOS, it’s still much more common than Apple device owners would like to think.

In this post, we discuss current threats facing macOS users and how to effectively protect your Mac. To illustrate the fact that viruses for macOS do exist, we’ll look at three recent studies on several malware families that have been published over the past few weeks.

BlueNoroff attacks macOS users and steals cryptocurrency

In late October 2023, our researchers discovered a new macOS Trojan that’s believed to be associated with BlueNoroff, the “commercial wing” of the Lazarus APT group working for North Korea. This subgroup specializes in financial attacks and specifically focuses on two things: firstly, attacks on the SWIFT system — including the notorious heist of the Bangladesh Central Bank — and secondly, stealing cryptocurrencies from organizations and individuals.

The discovered macOS Trojan downloader is distributed within malicious archives. It’s disguised as a PDF document titled “Crypto-assets and their risks for financial stability”, with an icon that mimics a preview of this document.

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