Internet Safety for Kids: A Parent’s Guide

Internet Safety for Kids: A Parent’s Guide

With virtual learning, social media, artificial intelligence and smartphones now an integral part of daily life, it’s more important than ever for parents to understand what internet safety for kids looks like. 

We can’t watch our children every second they’re browsing the internet, but educating them on cybersecurity threats, potential predators and the consequences of their actions can help guide them toward smarter decisions online. In this guide, we’ll discuss all you need to know to teach your kids safe cybersecurity practices.

Internet Safety & Kids

  • 70% of 8-to-17-year-olds admitted to seeing images and videos not suitable for their age in the last year.

  • 23% of 8-to-17-year-olds admitted that they didn’t know how to control who can see their social media profiles.

  • 29% of parents allow their children to use the internet without restriction or supervision.

  • What Is Online Safety?

    Online safety encompasses the measures and practices designed to protect people from the various risks and dangers they may encounter while using the internet, such as scammers and malware. For children, this includes education about online threats, setting boundaries and encouraging open communication to ensure a safe and positive digital experience.

    Online Safety is not:

  • Overbearing internet monitoring

  • Enforcing excessive online restrictions

  • Limiting internet usage

  • Forbidding kids from having social media accounts

  • Online Child Safety Laws

    In order to understand how to keep your students safe online, you’ll want to become familiar with online child safety laws. These can help you find the right websites to incorporate into the classroom and ones to st ..

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