Internet connected cars can be hacked to gridlock major cities

Internet connected cars can be hacked to gridlock major cities

Hacking Internet Connected Cars – a near possibility for cybercriminals to cause major havoc.

With the advent of the 21st century, we saw great technological feats arise – thanks to the internet. But something far beyond its initial use-case has emerged in recent years with a phenomenon termed the Internet of Things (IoT).

Everything today ranging from our smartphones to our cars is connected to the internet. By employing this connectivity as a middle point, different devices can be connected to each other enabling information to be transferred seamlessly.

Take the case of Tesla. In 2017 during Hurricane Irma, the company pushed a software update which enabled certain cars of its in the storm’s path to use their car batteries differently in terms of consumption resulting in an extended range of up to 40 miles. Summarily, it made the difference between Tesla drivers getting stuck amidst a wind storm and getting home safely.

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However, there’s more beyond the advantages. If there’s one rule that has stood the test of time in cybersecurity, it is that everything can be hacked and IoT devices are no different. In a recently released report from the Georgia Institute of Technology and Multiscale Systems Inc, we can now take a closer look at what it wo ..