Instagram Releases Wellbeing Toolkit for Teens | Avast

Instagram Releases Wellbeing Toolkit for Teens | Avast
Avast Security News Team, 5 February 2021

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With over a billion monthly users, Instagram is among the most popular social networks worldwide. People of all ages flock to the platform, many of them teenagers. In order to guide its teen users to the most balanced, positive experience they can have, Instagram has released the “Addressing the Pressure to Be Perfect” toolkit, which teens and their parents can use to create a self-awareness that protects them from both creating and falling victim to a toxic environment on the platform.
The toolkit addresses teens directly, but it also includes parent guides for each section. Among the topics covered in the toolkit are support for wellbeing, creating a positive image, balancing time, and privacy tips.
Avast Security Evangelist Luis Corrons calls it a step in the right direction. “This toolkit is really great,” he said. “It addresses a real issue that exists for which there is no technical solution – our psychological wellness while using social media. On top of that, it is important to cover all the bases, and educating about privacy is probably the most important one.” For privacy tips that go beyond Instagram, see our Avast tips to refresh your online privacy and our comprehensive privacy tips for parents
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