IIoT security challenges: Dealing with cutting edge technologies - Help Net Security

IIoT security challenges: Dealing with cutting edge technologies - Help Net Security

Dr. Jesus Molina is the Director of Business Development at Waterfall Security Solutions, and in this interview with Help Net Security he talks about the security issues related to emerging technologies.

What is the rate of adoption of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)? What industries are ahead of the curve when it comes to cutting-edge technologies?

There is no question that IIoT has hit a lull in the hype cycle. Industrial vendors in several sectors have created projects connecting IoT devices to cloud systems in a way that provided marketing materials and news, but little more. To truly embrace the IIoT requires a long term vision not solely focused on short term gains, a vision that creates a path to connect and make use of edge/OT systems that is scalable and goes beyond conventional IT thinking.

Vendors and owner/operators in verticals such as automotive and energy have adopted sensible long-term projects. Entities in manufacturing and rail though, generally started with small IoT sensing projects that provided enough functionality to show some dashboards, but in the end did not deliver scalability.

IIoT enables companies to become more flexible and enhance their intralogistics operations. What are some of the most overlooked aspects of IIoT security that IT professionals should be paying attention to?

No one with physical reliability and safety considerations front of mind will write a blank check when it comes to connecting devices on operations networks to cloud or IT networks. A critical rail network or airport operation for example, will only agree to add an IoT gateway after careful consideration of physical safety, operations reliability and other risks.

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