Hype Robot Rocks Out With The Twitch Chat

Hype Robot Rocks Out With The Twitch Chat

Have you ever wished for an automaton that can get the party started, raise the roof, and all that? You’ll want to meet [DJ Pfeif]’s Flippin Rhobot, then. He’s a hype bot from the world of Twitch streaming, and he apparently knows how to party.

Flippin Rhobot is controlled by an ESP32 that listens into the chat on [DJ Pfeif]’s stream. He’s got a vaguely humanoid form, and he can rotate on the spot and wave his arms in the air courtesy of a few servos. He’s also got a little computer terminal that displays the show’s “Hack the Planet” logo when he turns to face the screen. His body also features some addressable LEDs that flash and dance on command.

[DJ Pfeif] does a good job of explaining the project, and includes the code that laces everything together. Interfacing with Twitch chat can be fun, and we’ve featured a guide on doing just that before, too.

If you’re building your own roboticized hype machine, don’t hesitate to let us know. Otherwise, consider musing on the very idea of humanoid robots as a whole!

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