How to Target Bluetooth Devices with Bettercap

How to Target Bluetooth Devices with Bettercap

An incredible amount of devices use Bluetooth or Bluetooth Low Energy to communicate. These devices rarely have their radios switched off, and in some cases, are deliberately used as trackers for lost items. While Bluetooth devices support MAC address randomization, many manufacturers do not use it, allowing us to use tools like Bettercap to scan for and track Bluetooth devices.

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What Kind of Devices Use Bluetooth

Nowadays, you might expect devices like laptops and smartphones use Bluetooth radios. Increasingly, Bluetooth is finding its way into nearly everything, from smart tracking devices to find lost things to smart police holsters that phone home when a weapon is drawn.

One thing these devices have in common is that they can be discovered with Bettercap. The difference between how useful that information is usually relies on the device manufacturer, as Bluetooth is a more secure protocol than Wi-Fi if implemented correctly. Fortunately, for hackers, many manufacturers don't choose to take advantage of device security like MAC address randomization, causing these Bluetooth devices to broadcast the same MAC address everywhere they go.

That makes them easy to track. It also makes it easy to determine what kind of device is behind the Bluetooth radio. While we can see nearby Bluetooth devices that do randomize their MAC address, they will likely appear as many devices are periodically transmitting around us at roughly the same signal strength.

Bettercap for Bluetooth

Bettercap is the successor to Ettercap and features attack modules ..

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