How to Set Up an SSH Server with Tor to Hide It from Shodan & Hackers

How to Set Up an SSH Server with Tor to Hide It from Shodan & Hackers

The next libSSH or OpenSSH exploit may be just around the corner. Keep your SSH service out of Shodan's database before hackers find new ways to bypass the password protecting the server.

Shodan has been called the "hacker's search engine" because it's literally a searchable database of internet-connected devices and servers. It allows anyone to search for webcams, routers, servers, Raspberry Pis, traffic lights, point of sale systems, industrial control systems, and much more.

The web tool accomplishes this by randomly iterating through every possible IP address in existence (whether it's online or not being used) and attempts to extract service banners on different ports. Service banners usually store metadata about the running service, like the service name, type, and version number.

Why Set Up SSH with Tor?

Any internet-connected device will inevitably be scanned by Shodan and other databases like Censys. Hackers use these databases to locate out-of-date, vulnerable servers. Even system administrators who regularly update their servers and follow the best security practices are exposed to exploits. The libSSH authentication bypass vulnerability ..

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