How to Securely Blend Your IoT Data with Business Data

Opportunities Created by the Integration of IoT Data With the Rest of Your Business Environment Are Vast

It’s not much of a stretch to see that IoT data will likely converge with the rest of an organization’s business data. For manufacturing organizations, the enhanced visibility from this integration represents a tremendous opportunity to accelerate time to insight, giving plant managers and production managers a way to use business information to contextualize data. In turn, this enables those same plant managers to contribute to the business and answer key questions they previously didn’t know were possible. For example, with the right context, industrial IoT leaders can get to the source of equipment performance and other production issues faster and more accurately — increasing uptime, quality and performance across the business.

While what I described above is happening in hundreds of businesses around the world, it’s a lot easier said than done. Integrating IoT sensor data into the rest of the business environment won’t work if organizations aren’t prioritizing security. Blending various data points — like PLC, SCADA, and work order data —  creates challenges for securing industrial environments. To effectively protect this complex attack surface, organizations need new ways to correlate cyber incidents with physical consequences while taking into account all the various data types and sources. When a suspicious incident occurs, connecting the dots between the event, the physical results, and the potential data sources helps security teams get to the root of the problem faster.

The Problem with Integration

The vast majority of manufacturers have dragged their feet around integrating their organization’s data despite its enormous potential — and with good reason. Organizations that have rapidly accumulated billions of data sets from machines, sensors and internal business applications are now ov ..

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