How to Control Network Traffic with Evil Limiter to Throttle or Kick Off Devices

How to Control Network Traffic with Evil Limiter to Throttle or Kick Off Devices

If you find yourself with a roommate hogging limited data bandwidth with video games or discover a neighbor has invited themselves into your Wi-Fi network, you can easily take back control of your internet access. Evil Limiter does this by letting you control the bit rate of any device on the same network as you, allowing you to slow or even stop data transfer speeds for them completely.

Generally speaking, the average user doesn't have much visibility over who or what is on their network, so anyone with the password can slip in and start using bandwidth. In other situations, a roommate or family member may be hogging all the bandwidth unfairly to play video games or stream videos. Some routers have web interfaces that allow you to set limits on each connection, but without the password to the router, this option may not be accessible.

Evil Limiter uses ARP spoofing to make devices send data to the attacking computer rather than the router, allowing us to send the data on to the router at whatever speed we like. Thanks to the way the ARP protocol works, it's possible to control the speed of any device on a shared network connection. However, because ARP spoofing only works on IPv4 networks, this tool won't be effective on IPv6 for now.

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Evil Limiter for Hackers

For a hacker, Evil Limiter allows easy targeting of either one, a few, or all devices on a network. It's easy to cut the cord on the internet of a particular device at any moment, allowing for a convenient pretext for a social engineering attack. If a hacker wanted access to an employees-only area, they ..

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