How SOAR Is Disrupting Traditional Vulnerability Management

How SOAR Is Disrupting Traditional Vulnerability Management

In a recent episode of Whiteboard Wednesday, we dive into how security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) is changing traditional vulnerability management. We discuss the changes in process and how you can save time and resources with automation.

In this post, you’ll learn how your organization’s vulnerability management program stands to improve by implementing SOAR.

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Current state: Today’s standard vulnerability management process

Vulnerability management is a hot topic today in security, with new vulnerabilities being disclosed at an uncomfortable rate and leaving companies scrambling to keep up. The first piece of effective vulnerability management is gaining visibility into your environment. In complex and modern environments, this can be quite the task, as environments are constantly changing and are spread out across the cloud, on-premises, and remote. Tools like InsightVM can help you gain visibility into every inch of your environment. Since there are often more vulnerabilities than time in the day to remediate, you need to get strategic.

This is where prioritization comes in. Because you have finite resources and time, you need to focus on fixing the things that attackers are most likely to take advantage of. This will ensure your valuable resources have the most impact on the ov ..

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