Here’s Why You Need Identity, Privacy, and Device Protection

Here’s Why You Need Identity, Privacy, and Device Protection

Our philosophy has always been “all security is personal”. So, whether you are a front line administrator, a CISO, or a CEO, the security of your organization begins with you and your person. If you don’t have your own personal security in order, how do you expect your business data to be secured? It starts with you.

People are often anxious about the security of their personal information and online accounts. Cybercriminals are finding new ways to invade your privacy which is why you need comprehensive protection to keep you safe online.

Here are some protection and privacy best practices that you can use to keep your identity and sensitive information away from prying eyes and restore your faith in technology.

Device Protection

Device protection refers to the measures you take to protect your hardware or physical devices from intruders and potentially harmful software, such as malware, adware, and viruses.

Protect Your Hardware

This may sound simplistic, but knowing where your smartphones, computers, iPads, and gaming consoles are and never allowing people you don’t know to use them are the first steps in protecting them.

Ensure that you protect your devices with a password to ensure that your photos, banking apps, and text messages stored on them are inaccessible if you lose your phone at a concert or leave your tablet in a restaurant. You’d be amazed at how many people don’t have a password in their mobile phone.

Back Up

It’s also a good idea to back up your files regularly so that your images, videos, and documents are lost if your laptop / phone  crashes or is stolen. Use a combination of Google, Apple, online backup services and ..

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