HackTheBox - Visual

00:00 - Introduction
00:50 - Start of nmap
02:00 - Examining the request the server makes to us
04:15 - Using docker to run a Gitea Instance
06:20 - Using docker to install a DotNet Container (make sure its the SDK!)
09:00 - Using the dotnet CLI to create a project and adding a solutions file to it
13:00 - Having the webapp download our repo, then looking at PreBuildEvents to execute commands before it is compiled
16:00 - Talking about why this PreBuildEvent exists
19:20 - Looking at why our build failed
21:30 - Adding a nishang reverse shell to the prebuild event
26:40 - Reverse Shell Returned!
29:45 - Writing a webshell as Enox, to get a shell as the Apache Service User
34:00 - Using FullPowers to restore our tokens while will enable the SeImpersonate privilege
36:00 - Grabbing a good PHP Reverse Shell Script that supports Windows!
39:15 - Using GotPotato to abuse the SeImpersonate Privilege and run code as system

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