HackTheBox - Format (Reupload)

For some reason, the last video got stuck encoding on YT's side and was 360p. Reuploaded and it worked the second time.

00:00 - Introduction
01:00 - Start of nmap
04:00 - Downloading source code from gitea
04:30 - Examining the website via browser to see what it does
07:30 - Making sense of how the sitebuilder works
14:20 - Examining the source code, discovering a file disclosure
24:00 - Creating a python script to automate the File Disclosure
48:00 - Script is done, downloading nginx configs. Then trying to find any directory we can write a PHP Script to
55:00 - Looking at how the site adds a pro license to users
58:50 - Explaining how we can do a protocol smuggling attack and access the REDIS socket to manipulate our user
1:05:19 - Showing that the plus is not being URL Decoded in the path of a URL but %20 is
1:08:48 - Uploading a PHP Script to get code execution
1:13:55 - Dumping the REDIS Database and getting cooper's password
1:17:10 - Looking at the License Python script cooper can execute with sudo and seeing a Python Format String vulnerability

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