HackTheBox - Analytics

0:00 - Introduction
01:00 - Start of nmap
03:20 - Discovering Metabase, noticing the HTTP Headers are different. Checking TTL just to see if it decrements from the main web page.
07:00 - Searching for an exploit for metabase, then enumerating version
09:30 - Manually exploiting Metabase by pulling the setup-token, then getting injection on the /setup/validate endpoint through the JDBC Driver
15:50 - Reverse shell returned
18:30 - Discovering credentials in the environment variables, then ssh into the box
20:12 - Googling the kernel to discover its vulnerable to GameOverlay
24:00 - Explaining the gameoverlay exploit (CVE-2023-23640, CVE-2023-32629)
25:50 - Stepping through the exploit manually to understand how the overlay fs works, and what the exploit did to abuse it
28:10 - Looking into the permissions of the binaries that were created

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