Hacking Your Way to Security - Learn How to Secure Better by Aqib Ijaz

Hacking Your Way to Security - Learn How to Secure Better by Aqib Ijaz

Hacking and cybersecurity don’t belong in a single sentence, yet the best approach to securing any app, website or cyber resource is hacking. Why’s that? Well, if you can successfully hack your asset, you know who else can, and then you can structure your cybersecurity efforts around that. 

With the losses by cybercrime amounting to an estimated $10.5 trillion by the end of 2025, secure software development is the way to go. 

This article covers two things, the most common threats to application security and how you can use hacking to find out the vulnerabilities in your code.

Most Common Threats to Application Security 

Even though the threats to application security keep changing over time, some of them are always there. These include: 

Insecure Container Images 

Containers are a great way of making agile and efficient applications, but they have a catch. Once a security vulnerability is inside a container image, it can go a long way. Conducting a proper Container Security check can save you from such threats.

Injection Attacks

Injection attacks work by feeding malicious data to an app through its input fields. The most common forms of such attacks are SQL injection, Cross-Site Scripting, and Email Header Injection. These attacks can give access to unauthorized persons and lead to database exploitation. The best security measure against such attacks is input data sanitization.

Broken Authentication 

This broad term refers to the vulnerabilities in which session management tokens and authentication are not properly implemented. 

This inadequate implementation can help hackers claim a legitimat ..

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