Hackers leak data, 600k card info from Swarmshop cybercrime forum

Hackers leak data, 600k card info from Swarmshop cybercrime forum

Swarmshop data breach took place on March 17th, 2021 when an unknown hacker group leaked the data on underground hacker forums.

Swarmshop, a hacker and cybercrime forum known for dealing with stolen payment cards and personal records has suffered a data breach. As a result, another group of hackers has leaked its database online. 

The stolen data was leaked online on 17th March 2021. For your information, Swarmshop has been active in operation since at least April 2019, and by March 2021, they had expanded with a more than 12,000 user base and over 600,000 payment card records on sale. 

The screenshot shows hackers leaked the data from Swarmshop.

The database, posted on a different underground forum has been seen by Hackread.com. It can be confirmed that the data dump contained records of the card shop admins, sellers, and buyers including their nicknames, 139,643 email addresses, hashed passwords, contact details, history of activity, and current balance.

In addition to user data, the database exposed all compromised data traded on the website. This discovery of the data leak was made by the cyber intelligence company, Group-IB. 

The exact source of the breach remains unclear but the exposed records show that two-card shop users attempted to inject a malicious script searching for website vulnerabilities to latch its attack on the contact information field. It cannot be said with certainty whether these two events are related and connected to the breach. 

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