Hackers charged with stealing $ 2.4 million

A group of hackers from the cybercrime group known as �The Community� charged in the U.S for �Sim Hijacking� attack and commit wire fraud along with 3 former employees of mobile phone providers.

All the 6 members of �The community � group alleged to have participated in thefts of victims� identities and used the data to steal cryptocurrencies via SIM Hijacking attack also known as SIM Swapping.

�SIM Hijacking� or �SIM Swapping� is an identity theft technique that exploits a common cyber-security weakness � mobile phone numbers.

This special technique used by hackers to gain control of victims� mobile phone number in order to route the victims mobile traffic such as phone calls and short message service (�SMS�) messages through the devices controlled by �The Community�.

According to the fifteen-count indictment unsealed, SIM Hijacking was accomplished by a member of �The Community� contacting a mobile phone provider�s customer service�posing as the victim�and requesting that the victim�s phone number be swapped to a SIM card (and thus a mobile device) controlled by �The Community�. Later, Hijacked new SIM will be used as a gateway to gain control of online accounts such as a victim�s email, cloud storage, and cryptocurrency exchange accounts.

Here is the list of 6 �The Community� 3 former employee of mobile phone provider.

Conor Freeman, 20, of Dublin, Ireland

Ricky Handschumacher, 25 of Pasco County, Florida

Colton Jurisic, 20 of, Dubuque, Iowa

Reyad Gafar Abbas, 19, of Rochester, New York

Garrett Endicott, 21, of Warrensburg, Missouri

Ryan Stevenson, 26, of West Haven, Connecticut

Charged in the criminal complaint were:

Jarratt White, 22 of Tucson, Arizona

Robert Jack, 22of Tucson, Arizona

Fendley J ..

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