Hackaday Podcast 193: Found Computers, Internet Over WhatsApp, Two-Factor C64, Shifting Cars, and Self-Shooting Fighter Planes

This week, Editor-in-Chief Elliot Williams and Staff Writer Dan Maloney review the literature on a hack-packed week of action. We’ll find a Linux machine inside just about anything, including curb-side TVs and surprisingly secure EV chargers. No Internet? No problem — just tunnel IP through WhatsApp! We’ll see that 3D printers can be repurposed for lab automation of the cheap, build the worst — but coolest — 2FA dongle of all time, and see how a teetering tower of cards can make your old motherboard think any ISA card is plugged into it. Worried that driving an EV is going to be a boring experience? Don’t be — maybe you’ll still get to jam through the gears. But if you do, rest assured there’ll be plenty of careful engineering done to see if it’s safe. Err, at least we hope so…

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