Gigamon Launches New Tool To Shine Light On Digital Apps Within the Enterprise.

Gigamon Launches New Tool To Shine Light On Digital Apps Within the Enterprise.

Gigamon Application Intelligence provides visibility into complex digital apps, helping companies with their digital transformation

A failure to transform digitally, and keep pace with the likes of Airbnb and Uber, has been cited as the main reason over half of the Fortune 500 companies have disappeared since 2000. But to successfully execute a digital transformation, companies must see, manage and secure the complex digital applications that are at the heart of their evolution – whether they are customer-facing, enabling a mobile workforce, or running critical back-end operations.

In response to this problem, Gigamon has today introduced Gigamon Application Intelligence, which provides comprehensive visibility into the highly complex applications at the heart of digital transformations.

The Gigamon Application Intelligence offering is the only solution that eliminates data silos by sharing application knowledge across the environment, enabling immediate action. With this visibility, performance is optimized, potential issues are thwarted, and a consistent customer experience is delivered to ensure that the enterprise can run fast and stay secure.

The cornerstone of every organization’s digital transformation initiative are the mission critical applications which span dozens of infrastructure tiers and reside across on-premises, cloud and hybrid cloud networks. Organizations are investing heavily in initiatives to optimize performance and security so that the new breed of digital applications can function as designed.

“Evolving customer expectations are driving many of our digital initiatives. Having complete visibility into the performance and security of our digital applications is key to delivering on the expectations of user experience and trust our customers demand,” said Alex Attumalil, Director of Global Information and Cyber Security at Under Armour.

And yet, “Existing device-centric network monitoring does not scale or provide ..

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