GenAI: The next frontier in AI security threats

Threat actors aren’t attacking generative AI (GenAI) at scale yet, but these AI security threats are coming. That prediction comes from the 2024 X-Force Threat Intelligence Index. Here’s a review of the threat intelligence types underpinning that report.

Cyber criminals are shifting focus

Increased chatter in illicit markets and dark web forums is a sign of interest. X-Force hasn’t seen any AI-engineered campaigns yet. However, cyber criminals are actively exploring the topic. In 2023, X-Force found the terms “AI” and “GPT” mentioned in more than 800,000 posts on dark web forums and illicit markets. That high level of activity provides an accurate gauge of interest. These attacks may not be happening now, but this interest indicates groundwork and planning phases.

The consolidation of the AI market will mark a turning point

Threat actors run criminal enterprises like businesses. Before investing in plans and infrastructure, they want assurances of ROI. Today, there are too many GenAI tools and platforms spread across too many companies. X-Force believes that once the market matures to where a single technology dominates a 50% market share or when three or fewer technologies corner the market, then cyber criminals will launch attacks. To achieve ROI, GenAI needs to be ubiquitous across enterprises worldwide. Without ubiquity, attacks cost too much time and money. When the market narrows, GenAI attacks will start in earnest.

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Past is prologue

Previous threats had similar life cycles. X-Force believes market consolidation and maturity play a role. X-Force has assessed tech disruption and threat maturit ..

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