Forrester: Insider threats, online sellers and non-U.S. cyber investment likely to rise

Forrester: Insider threats, online sellers and non-U.S. cyber investment likely to rise

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, businesses around the world have been grappling with the fallout and changing their IT operations on the fly. That has many research firms scrambling to revisit their IT or security market forecasts and pick up on new trends in the wake of the virus.

Technology research firm Forrester is making a number of evaluations for how the pandemic will upend security and tech in their 2021 cybersecurity predictions report, including big changes in how companies sell their wares or deal with insider threats and where Venture Capital firms choose to invest their dollars.

Insider threats have been around forever, but they have become much more widely discussed over the past decade as leaks high-profile leaks from Edward Snowden and others have splashed across the front page of newspapers and scores of companies and government agencies have reported data breaches.

Today, internal survey data at Forrester shows that 25 percent of security incidents were caused by internal actors. By next year, they expect fully one-third of all breaches to have an insider component. That acceleration is partly due to an increased willingness of companies and law enforcement to publicly discuss when insiders compromise an organization. Pollard said insider threats went from being “a dirty secret” in the early 2000s to something that more and more companies felt comfortable talking about or disclosing when discussing a data breach and an increasingly proportion of federal indictments contain some element of insider participation.

But it’s also being fueled in part by the telework shift of 2020.  Now more than ever, employees are taking their sensitive work home with th ..