Focusing on users is the only way to improve cybersecurity

Ben Johnson, CTO and co-founder of Obsidian Security, discusses a variety of different topics around the umbrella theme of shifting cybersecurity priorities in the face of an evolving threat landscape.

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In the podcast, Mann and host Chris Sienko discuss:

- Where did you first get interested in computers and tech, and how did that lead to a career in cybersecurity? (1:25)
- What did you learn at the NSA and Carbon Black and how does that tie into Obsidian? (4:00)
- Was Obsidian formed to work with security on a smaller, more personal scale? (6:25)
- Why do you say focusing on the user is the only way to improve cybersecurity? (7:25)
- Why do you think credential compromises are so commonplace? (10:00)
- What cybersecurity policies do you think are being wrongly prioritized and don't offer as good of a return on investment? (11:50)
- What do you recommend for security departments that are already short staffed and need to get more out of the tools they use? (15:15)
- Where can cybersecurity companies improve their own data privacy and security? (20:15)
- Did we see a measurable level of voting machine fraud during the 2018 midterms? (26:50)
- What do you feel is the current state of election security and what can be done to improve security hygiene? (29:00)
- Where do you see the next wave of credential-based cybercrime coming from? (34:40)
- Can you tell us about your current work at Obsidian? (37:45)

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