Focus Groups for NICE Framework Special Issue in the Cybersecurity Skills Journal

Cybersecurity Skills Journal NICE Framework Special Issue

The Cybersecurity Skills Journal (CSJ), published by the National CyberWatch Center, is developing a special issue of the journal to highlight examples of how the NICE Workforce Framework for Cybersecurity (NICE Framework) has been used to support cybersecurity education, recruitment, assessment, workforce development, or in other ways.

CSJ is seeking proposals for Focus Group sessions as part of their NICE Framework Special Issue, looking for discussions that provide deep insights, replicable practices, and measurable impact for NICE Framework adoption and adaptation. 

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But what is a Focus Group? A CSJ Focus Group is not a webinar, presentation, or panel, but a real-time, facilitated discussion with all participants present responding to specific questions intended to explore challenges and elicit deep insights on effective solutions related to raising the capabilities of the cybersecurity workforce.

Not sure how to design and submit your idea? Join the upcoming webinar on May 25, 2023, where CSJ will guide you through the process. The webinar will cover topics like identifying investigative questions, creating a successful Focus Group inquiry, and preparing a publishable transcript that can inform the nation and broaden the impact of the NICE Framework. 

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