Finding Results at the Intersection of Security and Engineering

Finding Results at the Intersection of Security and Engineering

As vice president and head of global security at ActiveCampaign, I’m fortunate to be able to draw on a multitude of experiences and successes in my career. I started in general network security, where I was involved in pen testing and security research. I worked at several multibillion-dollar SaaS organizations—including three of the largest startups in Chicago—building out end-to-end application security programs, secure software-development lifecycles, and comprehensive security platforms.

From a solution-focused standpoint, I’ve learned that collaborating with teams to build a security culture is way more effective than simply identifying and assigning tasks.

Our “team up” approach

At ActiveCampaign, security is a full-fledged member of the technology organization. We adopt an engineering-first approach, eschewing traditional “just-throw-it-over-the-wall” actions. So, we certainly consider ourselves to be more than simply an advisory or compliance team. I’m proud of the fact that we roll up our sleeves and are right there with other parts of the tech organization, leading innovation and helping maintain compliance and deployment. The earlier you can build security into the process, the better (and the more money you’ll eventually save). We never want DevOps to feel like they need to complete tasks in a vacuum—instead, we’re partners.  

This extends to how we secure and deploy our cloud-based fleet. We don't feel that we need to constantly maintain assets—rather, we look at them holistically and integrate solutions across the quarter. To achieve this view, we rely on Rapid7 solutions like InsightIDR dashboards. They help us to see whether anything has gone outside of our established parameters, serving as a continuous validation that procedures within our cloud-based policies ar ..