Ferrari Data Breach: The Industry has its say

Apparently, the team at Ferrari may not have been up to speed with the latest ways to ensure your security is top priority. It was announced on Monday via a statement uploaded to their website that Ferrari was “recently contacted by a threat actor with a ransom demand related to certain client contact details”.

Ferrari then went on to say that it “will not be held to ransom” and that the best course of action was to inform their clients about the potential data exposure.

The Guru team reached out to some industry experts to understand their perspectives on the incident, and gain some valuable insights for companies looking to avoid this kind of incident in the future:

Christopher Handscomb, Solutions Engineer, EMEA, Centripetal:

“In today’s digital age, it’s becoming all too common for customer data to be breached & exfiltrated with alarming ease. This poses serious concerns for luxury good vendors and their clients alike.


From the company’s perspective, a data breach can result in severe reputational damage and even legal action, not to mention a loss of trust from consumers who may be reluctant to share their sensitive information again leading to an impact in sales.


On the other hand, consumers may find their personal information – including details on their wealth, status, employment, living arrangements, and more – shared with an unknown party, potentially leading to identity theft, financial fraud, or even physical harm.


The good news is that a rapidly growing number of cybersecurity experts are dedicated to defending against these malicious actors. However, companies must be proactive in their a ..

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