Fans of Last Of Us warned of rising phishing and malware scams

Security experts are warning consumers of two new scams that are circulating in the wild which are taking advantage of the buzz and hype surrounding HBO’s new adaption of the popular video game franchise The Last Of US.

Technology expert Prateek Jha from initiated the warning which has also been supported by Kaspersky.

Kaspersky researchers shared with VPNOverview details of two separate campaigns — a scam designed to inject PCs with malware and a phishing ploy designed to steal banking information and other financial data.

“Gamers are a popular target for cybercriminals because, in addition to personal information, passwords, and bank card data, scammers may steal their gaming accounts with internal currency and rare skins, for example, using stealers,” Kaspersky told VPNOverview.

Malware offering ‘The Last of Us Part II’ for PC scam

The first of the two scams involve a website offering “The Last of Us Part II” for download. Anyone who attempts to download this fraudulent game will get malware on their device.

“Most often, players get malicious software, stealing sensitive data, on their devices when trying to download a popular game from a third-grade website instead of buying it on the official one,” Kaspersky said. The researchers noted that malware could remain hidden on a device and go “undetected for years.” “Users will not know that something is wrong because it may not cause any visible harm while silently doing its job,” they said.

A PC remake of the original first part of The Last of Us is slated for a March 2023 release; both games are currently exclusive to PlayStati ..

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