Exabeam Sheds Spotlight on Cybersecurity Down Under

Exabeam Sheds Spotlight on Cybersecurity Down Under

May 20, 2019

SIEM vendor forges alliance with Australia university

Channelnomics Staff

In a twofold effort to strengthen security at the school and address a burgeoning shortage of cybersecurity professionals, Exabeam, San Mateo, California, has formed a partnership with Deakin University.

The Lowdown:  With the help of Exabeam, the university is looking to bolster the curriculum of its School of IT cybersecurity degree program and offer candidates real-life career experience. At the same time, Deakin has recruited Exabeam to help enhance its own security initiatives. The university’s security posture program, Deakin Shield, is a priority this year for the learning institution.

The Details:  Deakin is now supplementing its legacy Splunk solution with Exabeam’s Advanced Analytics, which will streamline alerts, analyze network behavioral patterns, and identify critical anomalies. With a highly variable user base and a log aggregator that generates a sizable volume of network feeds and alerts, Deakin’s security operations team was looking for a flexible, scalable, easy-to-use security information and event management (SIEM) solution that could handle network fluctuations and deliver machine learning-powered analytics capabilities.

Background:  The cybersecurity arena is abuzz with talk of a global skills shortage that threatens companies of every size and stripe. According to AustCyber, the Australian Cyber Security Growth Network, the largest country in Oceania is facing the same crisis as the rest of the world. A report issued by AustCyber last fall said Australia’s cybersecurity workforce shortfall could already be costing the nation $400 million-plus in lost revenue and wages, and that the country may need upwards of 17,600 cybersecurity workers by 2026 to fill the gap.

The Buzz:  “When we tested Exabeam Advanced Analytics, we were drawn to the f ..

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