Enterprise cybersecurity in the Asia-Pacific region

Enterprise cybersecurity in the Asia-Pacific region

Almost one in five business organizations in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region experienced more than six security breaches in the past two years, a new ESET enterprise cybersecurity survey has revealed.

ESET polled over 1,835 managers and C-level executives working in organizations in a variety of industries in India, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand and Indonesia, and also found that:

  • 91 percent of organizations have a cybersecurity awareness program. The percentage reaches as high as 97 for China and 95 for Thailand and Indonesia, and is a surprising low of 82 for Japan

  • 63 percent think it is critical for the countries to have a strong regulatory framework governing cybersecurity (Indonesian respondent more than others – 78 percent – while Japan is again bringing up the rear with 41 percent).

  • As these are extremely diverse countries with disparate laws and business realities, these and other discrepancies paint an interesting picture of each.

    China and Japan

    In China, for example, 86% of the respondents positively view the e-commerce law passed in August 2018, which aims to reduce the amount of counterfeit and knock-off merchandise on sale, but also hopes to address false advertising, consumer protection, data protection and cybersecurity.

    57% of Chinese respondents feel that their government has been doing a good job in regulating cybersecurity practices and creating a safe environment for everyone.

    “Many [Chinese] organisations have adopted multiple cybersecurity solutions and frequently utilise 2FA for added security,” ESET researchers found.

    In contrast, and despite Japan being a technological powerhouse:

  • 57 percent of Japanese respondents believe the government’s effort to revise the country’s cybersecurity guidelines for the different infrastructure sectors will have a negat ..