DHS Releases Strategic Action Plan to Confront Threats from China

WASHINGTON— On January 11, then-Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Chad F. Wolf approved a Strategic Action Plan that details DHS’s efforts to confront the full spectrum of Chinese threats to the Homeland. The DHS Strategic Action Plan to Counter the Threat Posed by the People’s Republic of China (PRC), available here, describes how the Department will continue to leverage the entire Homeland Security Enterprise to respond to the myriad threats posed by the Beijing regime to the American people.

Incorporating recommendations from the Department-wide China Working Group, the Strategic Action Plan delineates DHS activities in four key areas:

1) Border Security and Immigration;2) Trade and Economic Security;3) Cybersecurity and Critical Infrastructure; and4) Maritime Security.  

The Department recognizes that the challenges posed by the PRC will be enduring. As such, today’s release of the Strategic Action Plan is an important milestone. Additionally, DHS will continue to plan and coordinate with partners to adapt to the evolving threat environment.

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