Decrypter FOMO No Mo’: Five Years of the No More Ransom Project

Decrypter FOMO No Mo’: Five Years of the No More Ransom Project

The amazing No More Ransom Project celebrates its fifth anniversary today and so we just wanted to take a moment to talk about what it has accomplished and why you should tell all your friends about it.

The name pretty much says it all — No More Ransom aims to help organizations avoid having to pay ransoms for cyber attacks by providing guidance for defending against attacks, connecting victims with law enforcement, and most crucially, by providing free decryption tools. Just think about that for a second … you get hit by ransomware and you get a demand for a ransom payment of tens of thousands of dollars, or more. Recently we’ve seen ransom demands go up as high as tens of millions of dollars. But there’s a chance that rather than having to shell out piles of your hard earned cash (in crypto form), you could, in fact, get what you need for free with minimal fuss or effort.

Sounds too good to be true, right? Like maybe you’re thinking that they only have decryptor tools for old encryptors that aren’t really being used anymore? Well, despite being just five years old today, No More Ransom’s tools have already been downloaded more than six million times, and have saved organizations an estimated $900 million in ransoms that didn’t have to be paid. In fact, the Project offers a staggering 121 free tools, which decrypt 151 ransomware families. So we’re talking about a project that is having a profound impact every day. See? You should totally check it out and tell all your friends about it!

The Project is a great example of what can be achieved wi ..

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