Datrium Drives Vision for IT Transformation in the On-demand Economy

Datrium Drives Vision for IT Transformation in the On-demand Economy

Datrium shared its vision for IT transformation, establishing the requirement for an autonomous data services platform that equips enterprises to transform IT and win in the on-demand economy. To compete in this new business reality companies are racing to digitally transform, however many have lagged in transforming their IT systems to handle the extreme amount of data and network traffic produced by modern application workloads. To support the demand for instant user outcomes, IT must fully transform and overcome the rigidity, latency and complexity of traditional data infrastructure.

"We now live in an instant economy - consumers expect instant services from businesses. What is fast today will feel slow tomorrow. This is the new normal. Every business is trying to adapt and requires data infrastructure that can deliver instant outcomes,” said Sazzala Reddy, Datrium CTO and co-founder.

Companies that provide on-demand services to consumers, like Lyft, DoorDash and Lugg, keep setting the bar higher for increasingly personalised service and instant gratification. A parallel trend is taking hold in the on-demand enterprise1, defined as “any company which leverages technology alongside its operations to deliver intelligent, immediate interactions to both their employees and the customers they interact with.”

To accelerate their speed of business to meet customer, partner and employee expectations, enterprises are already leveraging ubiquitous virtualisation and increasing their adoption of technologies like Kubernetes-but they need to do more. With mission critical data distributed across on-premises and multiple public cloud infrastructures, IT also needs a unified data management layer that delivers instant access to data no matter where an application runs, along with consistent data management, extreme application availability, a uniform experience and data mobility across premises and multiple clouds.

IT transformation challenges inhibit digital transformation

The main driver of IT tra ..

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