Cybersecurity Experts Share Thoughts for World Password Day

World Password Day was created by Intel in 2013 to raise awareness of the need for strong passwords, but many experts now use the occasion to urge organizations to replace passwords with other, more secure authentication methods.

World Password Day is observed every year on the first Thursday of May, and in 2021 that is today, May 6.

Passwords are often compromised in data breaches, putting users at risk. On the other hand, passwords — either guessed or stolen — are also often leveraged to carry out an attack and breach an organization’s systems. That is why many experts believe it’s time to stop using them for authentication, or at least use them in combination with other mechanisms that provide better security.

Several cybersecurity professionals have shared thoughts for World Password Day, including on the future of passwords and better alternatives.

Francois Lasnier, Vice President, Access Management solutions, Thales:

“With more employees working remotely than ever before due to COVID-19, businesses are at greater risk from a cyber-attack with workers accessing systems outside of the usual company network. As such, this year’s World Password Day is in fact a timely reminder for businesses to drop passwords forever – they are no longer good enough and are the prime resource for hackers to gain access. Instead, companies should rollout access management solutions such as passwordless authentication which verifies users through other methods like their IP address or if they are accessing through a device or operating system associated to them. This will overcome the inherent vulnerabilities of text-based passwords, while improving levels of assurance and convenience.

No single solution is enough though, so organisations should also be looking to adopt a Zero Trust model in their approach to authenticating users and cert ..