Cyber Security IQ

At a time when businesses are digitally interconnected more than ever, the nature of risk and uncertainty is fundamentally changing.

Cyber criminals are targeting not only entire organizations but also every individual that works for, or conducts business with it.

New corporate initiatives enabled by IT are moving forward at a pace that previous generations could only imagine. These initiatives improve efficiency, but they trigger a wide range of vulnerabilities that can expose your company's most valuable assets, from trade secrets to customer accounts.

Creating an efficient procurement process, for example, often entails connecting external suppliers directly to a corporate network. Enhancing employee productivity means allowing multiple new types of devices to connect to the network. Installing new web applications can expose employees to email schemes that capture proprietary log-in credentials.

The effect of unintentional exposure can be catastrophic. Hackers who steal administrative credentials can hold hostage an entire organization, by making it impossible to access company data, for example. This can put a company out of business.

Seen from this perspective, the more companies rely on IT to grow the business, the greater the risk of a security breach. Cyber theft is a burgeoning global industry that currently generates billions of dollars in illicit trade annually. It is fueled by a strong reseller's market where hackers sell stolen data to others who possess the desire but not the tools to harvest valuable IP. It is funded by organized crime and actors within nation-states that not only operate beyond any jurisdiction, but also have access to billions of dollars in tax-free capital to invest in these criminal operations. Cyber criminals are focused on stealing data every moment of every day.

In the face of such adversaries, it ..