Cyber Mindfulness Corner Company Spotlight: Cybermindz

At the IT Security Guru we’re showcasing organisations that are passionate about making cybersecurity a healthier, more mindful industry. This week’s guest has set up a dedicated organisation to do just that! Peter Coroneos, Founder and Executive Chairman at Cybermindz, spoke to the Gurus about the importance of supporting the wellbeing of cybersecurity professionals and why the time is now for change.

Peter is a cybersecurity veteran, with years of experience across the cyber and technology sectors. His resume is broad, extensive and impressive, currently serving as a global ambassador for Paris-based not-for-profit Cybersecurity Advisors Network, with over a decade of experience as CEO of Australia’s Internet Industry Association (1997-2010), and a pioneer for the development of the 2010 icode scheme (a scheme embraced by the Federal Government in Australia and adapted for the US government).  In recent years, however, Coroneos has turned his attention to the mental health of cybersecurity professionals. In 2022, he established Cybermindz, a dedicated not-for-profit mental health initiative. Cybermindz launches in the UK this week.

“The existence of Cybermindz is testimony to a very real problem. A problem you wish didn’t exist, but it does. It’s because of that very suffering that we’re here,” Coroneos said, regarding the founding of the organisation. It’s well documented that cybersecurity is a thankless industry, with professionals increasingly more often reporting signs of burnout and stress. Coroneos notes that the relentless threat environment posed by unseen attackers causes the neurology of cybersecurity professionals to adapt into an unhealthy state of ‘hypervigilance’. He notes that we’re not adapted, according to environmental biology, to combat virtual threats. Traditionally, our attackers would have been in front of us and visible. Therefore ..

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