Cyber escape room locks in employees’ security awareness

Cyber escape room locks in employees’ security awareness

Originally, Living Security designed physical escape rooms, actually shipping suitcases of props to clients and even flying in hosts to train companies’ security program leaders how to run exercises across their organizations. But like so many other organizations, Living Security was forced to pivot after COVID-19 forced lockdowns last March. Living Security)

You might say I’m a bit of an escape room fanatic.

Since 2015, I’ve successfully escaped from a sinking submarine, a bank vault (after robbing it, of course), Dr. Jekyll’s laboratory and a magician’s lair.

Regrettably, my record is far from perfect. I’ve also been cursed by a witch, bombed by enemy war planes, smashed up in a subway car collision and murdered by psycho killers three separate times.

But if there were ever an escape game that was built for me, it was “CriticalMass” – a cybersecurity-themed virtual escape room designed to train corporate employees how to be more secure by avoiding phishing emails, managing data responsibly and securing their networks.

The plot: identify and capture an insider threat within your organization before he or she is able to divert payroll funds.

CriticalMass is the first of se ..

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