Cyber Confidence at MSPs high, despite falling victim to data breaches

New research conducted by CyberSmart, a leading provider of SME security solutions indicates that nearly all MSPS report high rates of cyber confidence across their organisations, despite the vast majority having experienced at least one data breach in the past 12 months. 


The research, conducted by OnePoll in Spring 2024, polled 250 senior leaders at UK-based Managed Service Providers, found that an overwhelming majority of MSPs – 87% – had experienced at least one data breach in the past 12 months, with 16% indicating they had experienced more than 5 incidents in the same timeframe. 


This track record on cybersecurity stands in contrast to the associated cyber confidence that the surveyed MSPs reported. Almost all – 97% – of the MSPs surveyed suggested that their organisation had either a ‘fair’ amount of cyber confidence or a ‘great deal’ of cyber confidence. 


Another interesting aspect of the results is that this confidence appears to be projected onto MSP customers too, with respondents reporting that they believed 85% of their customers had either a fair or a great deal of cyber confidence. 


Both the customers and providers identified ransomware and malware infection as the top concern, at 55% and 57% respectively. For MSPs, inflation and spiralling costs came in second (43%) and for customers, exploitation of unpatched or undisclosed vulnerabilities was the second most concerning threat (44%). 


“The associated confidence noted by MSPs is heartening but needs to reflect the reality on the ground for MSPs, and their own perception of their security posture is concerning and highlights the need for the cybersecurity to step up and work closer with Managed Service Providers,” said Jamie Akhtar, Co-Founder and CEO at CyberSmart. “MSPs, due to the levels of privileged access they will have into multi ..

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