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These are quite ingenious attempts by hackers to get into the system to steal data.

By Shriya Roy

As the world adjusts to the work-from-home culture, companies and businesses are facing a new challenge in the form of cyber attacks and ransomware. There has been a dramatic increase, in fact, in the number of cyber attacks over the past few months, affecting both small and large businesses and individuals. Be it payments and shopping or sharing files and accessing VPN, the pandemic has opened up new avenues for scammers and fraudsters to hoodwink individuals and businesses.

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Ransomware attacks have seen a tremendous rise during this period. Ransomware is a form of malware that encrypts a victim’s file. The attacker then demands a ransom in exchange for restoring access to data. Cybersecurity firm Sophos in its report titled The State of Ransomware 2020 reveals that 82% of Indian organisations were hit by ransomware in the last six months. The report also mentions that about 66% of organisations paid the ransom, while 29% were able to recover their data from backups without paying any ransom.

The Indian government has also warned against a large-scale cyber attack against individuals and businesses, where attackers may use Covid as a bait to steal personal and financial information. Cybersecurity agency CERT-In issued an advisory warning that the potential phishing attacks could impersonate government agencies and departments that have been tasked to oversee disbursement of government fiscal aid. The advisory noted that the hackers are claiming to have over two million email IDs and are planning to send emails, giving the bait of free Covid testing. “Such emails are designed to drive recipients towards fake websites where they are deceived into downloading malicious files or ente ..