CVE-2024-0394: Rapid7 Minerva Armor Privilege Escalation (FIXED)

CVE-2024-0394: Rapid7 Minerva Armor Privilege Escalation (FIXED)

Rapid7 is disclosing CVE-2024-0394, a privilege escalation vulnerability in Rapid7 Minerva’s Armor product family. Minerva uses the open-source OpenSSL library for cryptographic functions and to support secure communications. The root cause of this vulnerability is Minerva’s implementation of OpenSSL’s OPENSSLDIR parameter, which was set to a path accessible to low-privileged users (such as C:gitvcpkgpackagesopenssl_x86-windows-static-vs2019-staticopenssl.cnf). Rapid7 has assessed this vulnerability as having a CVSSv3 score of 7.8.


Since Minerva Armor operates as a Windows service, this vulnerability enables any authenticated user to elevate privileges and execute arbitrary code with SYSTEM privileges. A low-privileged attacker can create an openssl.cnf configuration file to load a malicious OpenSSL engine library, resulting in arbitrary code execution as SYSTEM when the service starts.


Rapid7 would like to thank Will Dormann of Vul Labs for disclosing this vulnerability to us in accordance with Rapid7's vulnerability disclosure policy. We are grateful to Will and the security research community for their work to make software and systems safer for everyone.

Product Description

Minerva Armor technology is a core endpoint security component (Windows only) aimed at preventing evasive malware, ransomware, and advanced cyber attacks. Armor is operated and trusted by SMBs and enterprise organizations around the world across a diversity of sectors and verticals.

Minerva Armor technology was developed by Minerva Labs, which was rapid7 minerva armor privilege escalation fixed