Critical Update: Enter The Innovators

Critical Update: Enter The Innovators

Critical Update is back with a new season and a new theme: The Innovators.

This season, we’ll be taking with top-level leaders and on-the-ground project managers about what it takes to be innovative in the federal government, from the governmentwide U.S. Digital Service to smaller programs pushing the envelope.

However, the fact that we’re dedicating an entire season to “innovation” proves the term jumped into buzzword territory. But we want to discuss what innovation really means, what it takes to make change happen in government and how to make that change stick. Nextgov reached out to two former federal innovation officials—Alla Seiffert, director of cloud policy and counsel at the Internet Association, and Molly Cain, founder of GovCity—to share how they faced an often change-resistant culture.  

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