Cosmos creator and co-founder of Tendermint Jae Kwon launches NewTendermint

Effective today, All in Bits, Inc. DBA “Tendermint”, which rebranded to ‘Ignite” in February 2022, declared the creation of two independent entities – Ignite Inc. and NewTendermint Inc.

The first entity, NewTendermint Inc., sees the return of the co-founder of the original Tendermint, Jae Kwon, holding the position of CEO.

NewTendermint will focus on contribution to the Cosmos ecosystem core technology. The team will work on Kwon’s existing project,, the Tendermint2 project, and Cosmos SDK. is a smart contracting platform, designed especially for wide-scale developer adoption, with the ambition to ultimately compete with Ethereum.

The second entity, Ignite Inc., is led by current CEO Peng Zhong and will con ..

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