Conti ransomware gang demanded $40m from US school district

Conti ransomware gang demanded $40m from US school district

Broward County Schools district in Fort Lauderdale, FL was attacked by the infamous Conti ransomware group last month.

In a series of ransomware attacks on educational institutions that have been going on for the past few weeks, this time around, Broward County Public Schools in Florida were attacked with a ransomware demand of $40 million.

The Conti ransomware gang threatened to encrypt and erase the files containing the personal data of students and employees and post the details online. 

The screenshot shows links to complete chat between the Conti ransomware gang and representatives from Broward County Public Schools (Image source:

However, the Broward County Public Schools itself released a statement where they claimed that no personal information has been stolen and that it made no extortion payment to the ransomware group, which then retaliated with an apparent pressure tactic last week and posted screenshots of its online negotiations with the district to its site on the dark web

Broward County Public Schools, the nation’s sixth-largest school district receives an annual budget of around $40 million and they informed the parents of their students about a network outage on March 7 that negatively impacted online teaching, but based on this new information, the incident was clearly much more serious. 

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The school district then hired cybersecurity experts to “investigate the incident and remediate affected systems ..