Confused about Cybersecurity Platforms? We Can Help.

“Cybersecurity platform” continues to be an industry buzzword. Vendors talk about it at industry events, and many analysts. But can every vendor claim to offer a platform and also be credible? More importantly, how does that help your business? The security industry has evolved by responding to emerging threats with new, shiny tools, resulting in many disparate tools. Most organizations (over 60%, according to ESG research) are looking to consolidate security vendors. This trend for fewer tools is also showing better results. A recent Cisco CISO Benchmark Study cited organizations with fewer vendors saw less than 5,000 alerts per day versus 10,000 alerts (over 66% of organizations). Teams were able to focus on more important work like remediation and those with less than 10 vendors had higher average response rates. But fewer vendors can mean fewer management consoles reducing the complexity. Fewer siloed vendors may be a step to a cybersecurity platform. It seems to be a driver for a platform approach or integrated architecture, as suggested by a customer in the Cisco report.

“If we can reduce the vendor footprint and have a more integrated architecture, that helps us significantly. I would rather have more automation on the back-end through an integrated architecture than having to slap something on top of it and write some new scripts to bring it all together.” —Cisco CISO Report 2019

What is a Cybersecurity Platform?

ESG Research dug deeper into this platform appeal by surveying ..

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