CampZone 2020 Badge Literally Speaks to Us

CampZone 2020 Badge Literally Speaks to Us

The pandemic has left my usual calendar of events in shambles this year. Where I’d have expected to have spent a significant portion of my summer mingling with our wonderful and diverse community worldwide, instead I’m sitting at home cracking open a solitary Club-Mate and listening to muffled techno music while trying to imagine myself in a field somewhere alongside several thousand hackers.

As a knock-on effect of the event cancellations there’s another thing missing this summer, the explosion of creativity in the world of electronic conference badges has faltered. Badges are thin on the ground this year, so the few that have made it to production are to be treasured as reminders that life goes on and there will be another golden summer of hacker camps in the future. This year, the CampZone 2020 badge was given its own voice and perform neat tricks like presenting a programming interface via WebUSB!

A Badge, That Isn’t Quite A Badge

All the parts laid out

CampZone is a European event mostly for the gaming community but incorporating the HackZone event within it. The in-person conference has been cancelled this year and gone online like so many others, but that hasn’t stopped its badge creator Tom Clement and team bringing out the CampZone 2020 badge anyway.

The result is the AerPane, pronounced “Ear-pain” in a reference to the 2019 i-Pane, and a design that continues the theme of CampZone badges by providing an in-your-face multimedia experience for musical experimenters with onboard speakers and a ..