Blocking Hyperlink Auditing Tracking Pings with Extensions

With Chrome, Safari, and Edge enabling the tracking feature called Hyperlink Auditing, or Pings, by default without a way to disable them, users will need to rely on browser extensions to block them going forward. Ping HTML LinkWhen a user clicks on a ping link, the browser will connect to the main URL, but also connect to the URL in the ping= setting. For those who want to retain control over whether this feature can be used, below are three extensions that allow you to disable hyperlink auditing pings in Chrome and Firefox. Ping Blocker for Chrome The Ping Blocker extension for Google Chrome will examine requests made by the browser and if it is a Ping request, will block it. Simple Ping Blocker for Firefox Simple Ping Blocker is a Firefox addon that will monitor web connections for pings, and if detected, will cancel them. uBlock Origin for Chrome and Firefox The uBlock Origin ad blocker also has the ability to block hyperlink auditing pings.

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