Best SIEM Tools For SOC Team – 2022

Best SIEM Tools For SOC Team – 2022

Every cybersecurity workflow starts from log data collection and management, that’s why SIEM Tools is highly demanded among enterprises that strive to maintain a stable security posture and comply with necessary regulations.

This overview offers a brief look at the top 5 SIEM vendors for the beginning of 2022, both on-premises and cloud-native depending on the infrastructure. Find out about their distinctive features to choose the best security solution perfectly tailored to your organization-specific needs.

Best SIEM Tools 2022

  • Microsoft Sentinel

  • Google Chronicle Security

  • Splunk

  • IBM Security QRadar

  • ArcSight

  • Microsoft Sentinel

    Microsoft Sentinel is a best SIEM Tools that enhanced version of the preexisting on-premises SIEM Microsoft Azure Sentinel which also supports cloud-based functionality. As a result, the number of available ingested events has grown to over 20 billion daily. 

    New features include:

  • Query performance has become 12 times faster than in the previous version and up to 100 times faster in some particular cases

  • Iteration speed of features set now executes at a faster rate

  • The use of out-of-the-box connectors allows easier data ingestion

  • Microsoft provides simplified training and onboarding of security engineers for an easy start with the platform

  • The newly implemented Azure Security Center playbook automates over 800 Azure subscriptions and soon is about to include 20,000 add ..

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