Be The Strongest Link In Your Organization’s Supply Chain

Be The Strongest Link In Your Organization’s Supply Chain

A Singular Aspect of Risk Management

As a security and privacy practitioner, you understand the importance of risk management. Perhaps you are a member of the risk management committee in your organization, or you may serve in an advisory role for that committee. The enormous task of risk management requires careful thought and consideration.

Some aspects of a complete risk management plan include the acknowledgment of known vulnerabilities, as well as predictions about unknown vulnerabilities. Topics such as security awareness training, threat management, access control, incident response, risk mitigation, and many others must be taken into consideration.

While the majority of risk management processes focus on internal operations of the organization, the rise of vulnerabilities from trusted external partners is also a significant part of the risk management process. External partners form a substantial part of the supply chain in any organization. In a healthcare environment, there are unique risks associated with these supply chains.

What is the supply chain?

The supply chain can be thought of as anything that provides goods or services to an organization outside of that organization’s sphere. This exposes many necessary dependencies in the normal functioning of a business. The supply chain is not limited to physical devices. In many cases, a supply chain can include data, and in the new world of computing, many parts of cloud-based systems are part of a supply chain. Although the cloud is designed as a secure system, it ..

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