AttackIQ Informed Defense: Automated continuous security validation and remediation - Help Net Security

AttackIQ announced the launch of AttackIQ Informed Defense, the most significant product release in the company’s history. This new offering is in direct response to the evolution of attackers and their methods in becoming more targeted, sophisticated and automated.

To stay ahead of the threat, enterprise security teams need to validate and continually assess that cyber defenses are always optimally configured.

The AttackIQ Informed Defense Architecture (AIDA) enables a transparent and completely manageable attacker kill chain testing methodology. By combining the ability to emulate attacker behavior in the early stages of attack, lateral movement behaviors through communication between test points, and using current and highly integrated network threat packet captures; AIDA affords the most comprehensive automated security testing platform available.

“AttackIQ customers have already enjoyed a testing architecture that allows for red, blue, and ..

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