Army Reserve Cyber Commander Shares Next Step Elements To Shape Soldier Success - DVIDS

Army Reserve Cyber Commander Shares Next Step Elements To Shape Soldier Success - DVIDS

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Army Reserve cyber plan is moving lightning fast and the new brigade commander has a quick reference list of tools for getting the team of cyber warriors firmly placed and ready to protect our Nation’s cyber space.

Army Reserve Col. Benjamin Bourgoyne, new commander, Army Reserve Cyber Protection Brigade (USAR-CPB), headquarted just outside the Beltway, is ready to begin next steps preparing the team of cyber warriors assigned to the Brigade for mission capability.

Bourgoyne, who lives in Louisiana, works as an information assurance manager for Blue Cross Blue Shield. He previously served as the Assistant Chief of Staff G6 for the 75th Innovation Command, in Houston, Texas.

He recently shared that providing the resources, training and tools needed for keeping the momentum on track in achieving mission capability success is a challenge he looks forward to engaging as new commander.

These tools mentioned are still very essential elements for shaping the capability and readiness for the Soldiers and the Brigade, he stated. Elements he is grateful to carry and implement in the next cycle of the cyber brigade’s performance.

“I’m honored to lead such an outstanding group of our Nation's finest soldiers and DA Civilians,” Bourgoyne said.

“I look forward to the challenging and highly rewarding work of conducting cyber operations and working with a talented group of premier cyber warriors,” he said.

“Most of all – becoming commander of the USAR’s frontier cyber initiative and establishing a climate for the high standards of readiness and training solidifies the importance of guidance, mentoring and leadership development I received in this career path.”

Connecting this strategy together is recognizing the importance of having a strong network and support system, Bour ..